3OH!3 Love 2012

скачать музыка новинки 2012 и видео к нему Holding Love is a 2012 Chinese romantic and comedy film with English subtitles.
AKA : Hold My Love, Hold Zhu Ai
Language : Mandarin
Country: China
Subtitle: Chinese, English

Plot : A young couple who was divorced after barely a month of marriage, each got a prize to a exotic location, Sanya, for a honeymoon vacation. After a night of drinking, Zhou Jing ex-wife was kidnapped. The kidnappers demanded a ransom from Xiao Lei ex-husband. In order to raise the money, he went to a gambling stake but lost an underwear instead. But in actual fact, Zhou Jing was not kidnapped but was lost in the jungle. What is actually happening?

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Произведение: Love 2012

Исполнитель: 3OH!3

Длина файла: 03:57

Дата: 2015-03-31


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Текст песни:

Flash, flash, television
Give me a new religion
Fast, fast laser beams
Dreams of robotic screens
Dance, dance while you can
This is your last chance
Bang, bang, shoot 'em up
This is Love 2012

I'll be the one who takes all the blame
Going down, down in flames
You'll be the one who forgets my name
Play me, playing that game

This is me; I love myself
Yeah, fuck everyone else
I don't need nobody's help
'Cause this is Love 2012

Up, up on the screen
I got a new disease
Cha-ching for your soul
Everything must go
Kiss, kiss on the lips
Of the apocalypse
Ring, ring, burn the cell
This is Love 2012

Don't run away from what you did
I know, know what you said
I've been living with the mess we made
Get out, out of this maze

This is me; I love myself
Yeah, fuck everyone else
I don't need nobody's help
'Cause this is Love 2012

This is the dawning of personal belonging
With sirens and violins
The sky above is fallin'
This is the eve of "I don't believe"
That's all we got in common
The sky above is fallin' (x3)

[HD] Holding Love (2012) English subtitles
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