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Song Written and Produced by J Rice:

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Verse 1:
the sun comes up
and it seems like I only say
"please don't not touch
and no flash photography"

Same thing different day
i'm not gonna wait

I was born for this
and everytime I fight I'll just get better
I will get better

and I know I will like it better er er er er er er
in the nether

Verse 2:
broken glass
empty open chests
they move too fast
there was nothin
there was nothing left

no need to ask
put your fears to rest
I'll protect my town

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Произведение: Dubstep

Исполнитель: Minecraft

Длина файла: 03:20

Дата: 2015-03-23


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♫ "Better In The Nether" - An Original Minecraft Song Animation - Official Dubstep Music Video
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